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Little Woman recolours

I have recoloured a few objects from the great "little woman" set from KHD.

From me are only the recolours the meshes I didn't make, the credits are visible in the description of the respective object in the game. For most objects it is essential that you download the mesh, otherwise the recolour won't work.

You can find the matching chairs here.

Most of the wood textures are from Sims4luxury and match her furniture.

Stairs V1 |4 swatches | X |mesh: X

Sairs V2| 4 swatches | X | mesh: X

Table small |16 swatches| X |mesh: X

Table large | 16 swatches | X |mesh: X

Table cloth | 11 swatches| X |mesh: X

Cabinet | 29 swatches| X |mesh: X

Please read my T.O.U.

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