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Small nature family home

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

A small family house, with a baby crib in the master bedroom and a kids room upstairs. The house has two terraces that are on the water. In addition, all preparations have been made so that the small family happiness can be rounded off with a cat. Thanks to all creators who made this house possible with their CC, like 13pumpkin, animefemme, baufive, billss4cc, chicklet, dk-sims, k-hippie-k, LaSkrillz, meinKatz, radioactive and Sjamboksim.

Required CC: alf-si: X, ANBS X, Aggressive kitty X, X, Caroll91 X, X, Clutter-Queen: X, ForeverDesigns: X, X, X, X, X, X HarrieCC: X, X, KKB X, X, X, Nickname: X, Wondymoon: X, X, X, Pierisim: X, x, Vintage Simmer: X, X.

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