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Mangolia Promenade 1-4

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Part 1 of the shopping district in the next few months, three more will follow. On this lot you will find a restaurant called “Chic Dining”, this is designed concrete and clean style. On the ground floor you can eat normally with friends for lunch, or something to drink. Above is the Fine Dining area, where you can eat exquisite food, perfect for a noble family dinner. Outside there is a large outdoor area to enjoy the sunshine. In addition to the restaurant, you will find a gallery with modern art over three floors. Next to these is a cafe with great, terrace ideal for breakfast or a drink in the setting sun. If you walk the stairs down, you can make a few errands in the minimarkt. Or you walk around the corner, two floors up and cut the hair in a small well-visited hair salon.

Thank you to 13pumpkin31, akuiyumi, k-hippie, meinkatz, radioactivedotcom, sjamboksim, someone-elsa, xldkx, IMS and many adorable creators more, they are listed here.

Required CC: Caroll91: X, KKB: X, TPTS: X, Neutral Supply: X, X.

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