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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

The library is in an old building in the town of Henford on Bagley near to the riverbank. It's quite modern inside, with some old holdovers from bygone days. There is also a small café bar if your sims is falling in sleep and need now a new boost of energy. There is a PC for research, chess tables, reading corners and also a small area for toddlers.

Thanks to all creators who made this house possible with their CC, like 13pumpkin, Akuiyumi, chicklet, k-hippie-k, meinKatz, Sjamboksim and tatschu.

Required CC: alf-si: X, Aggressive Kitty: X, CherrySims: X, ForeverDesigns: X, Cow Build: X, KKB: X, Lazysimmies: X, X, X, X LittleDica: X Felixandre: X, X, Pierisim: X, X

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