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Glimmerbrook Mansion

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

- A big, dark, old property in Glimmerbrook

Downstairs there are some small shops for groceries, spices and ingredients for potions and a basket shop, with two small back rooms, for divination and séances. The great mystical property extends over this passage. It has four bedrooms plus a small tomb with three coffins. There is a blood-red pool, a bar, a room for brewing potions and growing plants, a study room, a great hall for a gruesome dinner with eerie guests, a living room, a large kitchen, two bathrooms and an impressive entrance area with a large staircase and a gallery.

This building contains some chargeable sets without which it would not be possible to create a building like this.

Thanks to all creators who made this house possible with their CC, like 13pumpkin, animefemme, baufive_S4,k-hippie-k, meinkatz, Pocci_Garden Breeze, radioactive, Taschu, ZxTa and many many more.

Requierd CC: Aggressive Kitty: X, X, X, X, Alf-si: X, Brazen Lotus: X, littledica: X, Lunaticavillage: X, PTS: X, X (candles), Helen-sims X, X, X, Wondymoon: X, Felixandre: X, X, X, X, X, X, X, ( I will include a photo in the CC folder, because it’s a lot of build Items, and I am not sure if I caught every set you may need)

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